Wednesday, May 4, 2011

TOS Review: Yesterday's Classics

Do you love to read?
Do you love to read American Classics?  
If you answered yes, then Yesterday's Classics is just what you need.   
Yesterday's Classics offers 225 ebooks via EPUB or Kindle formats.

225 American Classics (books that were first published between 1880-1902) right at your finger tips without spending a fortune.    

With Yesterday's Classics you receive:
  • Illustrations - if the original edition of the book that was published a century ago had illistrations, then the Kindle and EPUB editions will also have illustrations.
  • Table of Contents - for easier navigating, every book has a table of contents.  Many of the free Kindle or EPUB files available on Amazon do not have a table of contents. 
  • Genres - All books are divided among 22 different genres. Such as: Children of the World, Ancient Greece, Kindergarten, Shakespeare, Faith, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Science, Literature, and more.  
  • NO Digital Rights Management or other restrictions - you can place as many of the 225 files on as many devices as you wish.   
  • NO Printing restrictions 
  • Email Support
  • All books are arranged by level, genre, author, and title
  • All books have descriptions and thumbnails - helps you become familiar with the contents of the books. 
  • Guide to ereader Devices and Software
  • Guide to downloading files and transferring them to your ereader devices

Kindle files cannot be viewed in a Kindle App on a smart phone or iPad, as Amazon has not provided a way to import the files into an APP, unless you purchase the files from their store.  However, the Kindle files can be viewed on your Kindle device or on a PC.
The EPUB files can be viewed on any ereader such as, iPad, Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo, iPhone, or any smart phone. 
You decided which format you want when you order, however, if you later decide you want the other format or realized you order the wrong format by mistake, simply send Lisa an email and she will email it to you free of charge. 
An added bonus for all the Ambleside, Tapestry of Grace, Heart of Dakota, and Living Books Curriculum users, Yesterday's Classics offers many ebooks that are used within these curriculums.

For those of you who are wondering what on earth an EPUB file is, here is a brief description.  Unlike a PDF which is formatted with fixed pages, meaning each page looks the same regardless of the device you use to view it, the Kindle and EPUB files are a continuous stream of text with no fixed page boundaries, giving you the ability to change font size, color, etc.

I received both the EPUB and the Kindle files.  Each came in 13 zip files. I downloaded the files and unzipped them into a folder on my computer.  Since I do not own a Kindle, I download the Kindle files into the Kindle for PC program I have on my computer.  The EPUB files I transferred to Adobe Digital Edition.  I haven't yet, but I do plan to put some of the ebooks on my smart phone.

You may find that some of the ebooks are available for free on other sites; however, with those sites you lose the ability to change font size, color, view clickable table of contents, and more.  The ebooks available through Yesterday's Classics are much cleaner, nicer looking, with more options available to the reader.  Plus, why would you want to search the internet endlessly in hopes of finding a specific ebook, when you can have access to 225 in one location for only $99.95? 

From now until May 31st you can purchase all 225 American Classic ebooks available from Yesterday's Classics for only $99.95. Once this offer expires the price will return to the normal price of $149.95.
Paperback editions of the books are also available.
Yesterday's Classics is so confident in their product that they offer a 100% money back gaurantee, as well as a free sample.   
Icing on the cake for local North Carolinians, Yesterday's Classics is located in Chapel Hill, NC! 

Here is a VERY small glimpse of the ebooks you will receive. 

World History




 Ancient Greece

Ancient Rome




Fairy Tales


Children of the World


I'm so happy I was chosen for this review.  There are so many books to choose from, I wasn't sure where to begin.  So my daughters and I went through the list and picked out a few books we would like to read.  I plan to go through the list again and choose some books to accompany our studies this next school year.
I think Yesterday's Classic is fantastic and I think you will, too. 

Be sure to stop by and read what my fellow TOS Crew members have to say about Yesterday's Classics.

I'm a crew member with The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew and I received 225 ebooks in EPUB and Kindle formats from Yesterday's Classics in exchange for my honest review.

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