Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Scruble Cube ~ Review

Do you enjoy playing Scrabble? What about the Rubik’s Cube? Well, if you answered yes, then I think you're going to love the 3D word game, Scruble Cube. I was never a big fan of Scrabble, not until I became an adult, but man I sure loved the Rubik’s cube. That love is what first attracted me to the Scruble Cube.  The best of both worlds!! It’s dubbed the “World’s Greatest 3D Word Game.”   

The Scruble Cube is measures 4x4x4; fits nicely in your hands. There are 96 “pegs” that rotate, each with letters and scores imprinted on them. It was designed to construct an insane amount of words. 7.4 x 1045 according the site! With that many words configurations, ANYONE play!

The The Scruble Cube is not only fun, but educational. Who doesn't love fun educational game?! It helps strengthen your skills in thinking, vocabulary, math, and more. It can be played by one player or up to four. HERE is a list of some great ideas for incorporating the Scruble Cube into your learning.
Via the website you can also find printable instructions and a scoreboard.

Scruble Cube was awarded the “Best Pick for New Products” award from Dr. Toy’s.

As well, the Creative Toy Award 2010 Seal of Excellence from Creative Child magazine.

It was also featured in a recent issue of Family Cirlce magazine "Make Your Move" - Staying Connected as a Family.

We did find the cube to be a bit fragile feeling and difficult to turn sometimes, but as long as we made sure everything was aligned, all was okay. There is a cautionary notice on the bottom of the box reminding the users that the “Scruble Cube has many moving parts and is not intended for high speed manipulation. Please align all rows before moving them and NEVER force pieces into place while twisting and turning…”

For those of you who have family or friends who are fans of word games, this would make a pretty cool Christmas gift. It's also the perfect for travel. Take it with you on your next roadtrip, camping adventure, sleepover, flight, anywhere you want.
The Scruble Cube is available for $24.95 per game set. Each set includes the game cube, a sand timer, instructions and scorepad. To purchase, click HERE.

Be sure to stop by the TOS Homeschool Crew Hub to read what my fellow crew members have to say about the Scruble Cube.

I'm a crew member with The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew and I received the Scrube Cube free of cost in exchange for my honest review.


  1. I'm a word game fanatic so this was right up our alley!

  2. I'm the Queen of the Scrabble board in our house, and BananaGrams is a family favorite, too. We'd probably have lots of fun with this. (well, okay, *I* would have lots of fun with it.. ;)


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