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Vintage Remedies ~ TOS Review

Although I have the two daughters, I had the great opportunity of reviewing Vintage Remedies for Guys.  Among the many products offered by Vintage Remedies, Vintage Remedies for Guys and Vintage Remedies for Girls cover the same material, with a few exceptions. So I knew for sure what the differences were, I sent an email to the company. I was impressed at how quickly Caroline (Director of Operations) replied.

“The one chapter that is different in the Guys and Girls books is Chapter 8, on hygiene. At the end of the chapter, where in the Guys book it discusses "Tips for a Great Appearance," the Girls book discusses, "Tips for Beautiful Skin and Hair." While there is some similar content, the Girls book focuses more on natural beauty tips. Also, the featured product in the Guys book is homemade deodorant, whereas the featured product for the Girls book is homemade lip gloss. The other fun projects in the girls book are also a little more girly, as well, including vanilla brown sugar body scrub, white chocolate bath meltaways, and a minty foot lotion.” 

Vintage Remedies for Guys workbook teaches healthy and natural living to boys ages 7-13.  Packed within the 200 pages are 18 chapters divided into 3 sections.

Section One: Food Nutrition and Culinary Skills
Chapter One: Real Food
Chapter Two: Kitchen Basics
Chapter Three: Healthy Drinks
Chapter Four: Snacktime
Chapter Five: Sweet Desserts
Chapter Six: Local Foods
Chapter Seven: Growing Your Foods
Section Two: Health and Body
Chapter Eight: Healthy and Clean Bodies
Chapter Nine: Immunity and Prevention
Chapter Ten: Coughs and Colds
Chapter Eleven: Summertime Funs
Chapter Twelve: Backyard Medicines
Chapter Thirteen: Aromatic Oils
Section Three: Natural Living
Chapter Fourteen: Hospitality
Chapter Fifteen: Cleaner Cleaning
Chapter Sixteen: Green Gifting
Chapter Seventeen: Reducing and Reusing
Chapter Eighteen: A Natural Home

Although it’s called a workbook, it’s not what you would typically think of as a workbook.  You won’t find colorful graphics; or any graphic for that matter. Nor will you find question/answer problems; except for short chapter quizzes (5-7 questions each) located in the back of the book.  The workbooks were not designed to be a sit and read type of book, but rather an assortment of tips and instructions to get you and your family active and exploring natural living with many hands on activities.

This workbook is filled with a vast amount of beneficial information and incredible recipes; such as pizza, granola bars, jam, yogurt, sport aide drinks, cream cheese, ricotta cheese, deodorant, face wash, room deodorizer, herbal candies, sore throat tea, sore foot oil, laundry soap, foaming carpet cleaner, and SO much more.

Each chapter includes a brief lesson, hands on projects (aka recipes), and a Parent/Leader Guide.  All the chapters are fairly short, which I think is great, as it doesn’t bog you down with a lot of information at once.  The Parent/Leader Guides are located at the end of each chapter.  The guide provides the parent/teacher with an overview of the chapter and a supply list for each project.  I would have liked this guide to be in the beginning of the chapter rather than the end, but I found it useful nonetheless.

The book is designed to be completed in one year, completing one chapter every two weeks; however, you can stretch it out over two years if you wish.

When I opened my package I was very pleased with the way the product was presented.

I felt like I was unwrapping a Christmas gift!

Along with the Vintage Remedies for Guys workbook I received for review purposes, Vintage Remedies blessed my family and I with The Herbal Kitchen book.

I found Vintage Remedies to be an excellent wealth of beneficial information!!

Check out the FREE coloring pages available for download from the site.   

Vintage Remedies is available for $45.00.

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I'm a crew member with The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew and I received Vintage Remedies for Guys free of cost in exchange for my honest review.

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