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Don’t miss out! Purchase your copy of The 2010 Schoolhouse Planner.

Title: The 2010 Schoolhouse Planner: Making a Plan for School and Home
Publisher: The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
Number of Pages: 614
Price: $39.00
Format: E-Book
The vast majority of people struggle with the inability to organize all the things in their lives. With so many priorities and things to remember - the challenges continue to grow, as does the stress. If you’re a homeschooling mom, dad, or grandparent, then I feel you endure a greater degree of stress.

Sadly there aren’t too many options available to assist us in our organizing dilemmas. While some people have the incredible gift of creating their own “all in one planner,” most of us have to search multiple places in the hunt for what we need and want, only to end up with smorgasbord of stuff that only adds to our original predicament. I’ve experienced this first hand. We began homeschooling in 2007, and by 2008 I knew a good quality planner was essential for my home and classroom. However, I decided I would create what I needed with a compilation of what I could find online and in the book stores. Well, no matter how hard I tried I could not create, nor find, quite what I need or wanted. Well, thanks to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine (TOS), my organization/planning crisis has been solved.

TOS has done the leg work for us, creating what I call the ultimate “all in one planner.” This planner has virtually everything you need to organize your home, life and school. And guess what?! Not only is it 614 pages long, (yup, you read it right, 614 pages), but it’s ONLY $39.00! You can’t beat that price!

The 2010 Schoolhouse Planner: Making a Plan for School and Home offers -
To organize your home and life
  • Chore list
  • Daily to do list
  • Car maintenance reminder
  • Craft planning
  • Multiple recipes – including many GFCF recipes
  • Meal Planning forms
  • Budget forms
  • Party planning forms
  • Website password reference sheet
  • Natural cleaning recipes
  • Multiple links for creating more natural cleaning products
  • Homemade soaps recipe
To organize your classroom…
  • Calendars for 2010 – 2013
  • Informative articles
  • High school transcript forms
  • Alphabet writing pages - print, italic, and cursive
  • Monthly calendar pages
  • Daily and weekly schedule
  • Assignment charts
  • Book report/books read forms
  • 12 years worth of planning pages
  • Unit Study forms
  • Science lab pages
  • Bible study
  • Extracurricular activity log
  • List of Schoolhouse Store resources
  • Report cards
  • Writing prompts
  • Education websites

Multiple educational goodies to enrich your classroom - covering some fun “must-knows” for your students.
  • Timeline of Jesus Christ’s life
  • Modern art movements
  • Cloud Types
  • Scientists & their discoveries
  • Famous people who would be considered special needs
  • Animal classification chart
  • Study of logic
  • Different branches of government
  • US Presidents
  • US States and capitals
  • Countries and capitals
  • Scientists - their discoveries and timeline of inventions
  • Caldecott and Newbery Medal winners
  • Bible memorization record
  • Bodies of Water
  • Multiplication Table
  • World Geography
  • Statistics on The Thirteen Colonies and Mountain throughout the world
  • Basic information about the planets

The previous three lists only include a SMALL taste of what this planner has to offer. You will NOT find another planner which offers you such a tremendous amount of educational information, articles, consumable forms, charts, pages, etc…
So not to overwhelm the user, the planner is broken down into small manageable sections.
  1. Monthly: July – June: every month includes different articles, forms, charts, resources, recipes, and more.
  2. Calendar pages for 2010 – 2013
  3. Miscellaneous Educational Information
  4. Forms & Instructions -
  • Curriculum Forms
  • Objective/ Goals
  • Planning Sheets
  • Progress Report/ Evaluation/Report Cards
  • Schedule Forms
  • Score Recording Sheets
  • Log Sheets
  • Journal Pages
  • Unit Study Forms
  • Co-op Sheets
  • Convention Planning Forms
  • Preschool Forms
  • Writing/Alphabet Forms
  • Misc. Forms
  • Important Information to Remember
  • Housekeeping Pages
  • Schedule Forms
  • Shopping/Meal Planning Pages
  • Chores
  • Budget
  • Party Planning and Gift-Giving
  • Bible
  • Garden
  • And more Miscellaneous Forms

Since the planner is 614 pages, some printing options for you could be -
  • Print out all 614 pages, allowing you to physically touch and flip through planner - deciding as go, what you wish to use and when.
  • Print out only the pages you wish to use each month.
  • Print out only the pages you wish to use each month for each student.
A great way to store the planner (printed pages) is in a three-ring binder. This helps to keep everything neat, in order, and in one location. Once you purchase the planner, it is yours to what you wish. So, do whatever is most convenient and useful for you.
Don’t do as I did – go now and purchase your own copy of The 2010 Schoolhouse Planner: Making a Plan for School and Home
At ONLY $39, you CAN’T go wrong!
Disclaimer: I’m a member of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Review Crew.  This posting was created as part of an advertising contest via TOS.  I received this planner for free, however I do use and enjoy it.  All opinions within this advertisement are my own. 

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