Friday, January 7, 2011

TOS Review: See-N-Read Reading Tools

Title: See-N-Read
By: CadenaSmith Enterprises
Price:  Starting at $2.99 

What is it?
See-N-Read is a unique reading tool designed to help readers of all ages, see, focus, and remember what they have read. It is made of polypropylene material, making it flexible, yet sturdy. It has a non-glare tint and is transparent with blue, gray, and violet hues, which helps reduce glare on the page.
There are a couple different forms and sizes to choose from. There is the See-N-Read, MemoryMark, and the eSee-N-Read. The See-N-Read itself comes in book size (5 1/2" by 3") and document size (8 1/2" by 3"). The book size is great for reading chapter books, paperbacks, etc, while the document size is great for reading documents, textbooks, picture books, etc.

The MemoryMark comes in book size and is a great tool for highlighting and/or writing notes. It has an open window to allow you to "memory mark" important information.

The eSee-N-Read is an online tool you can download and use while you read on your computer.

Description from the site:
See-N-Read® is a practical reading intervention tool....designed to help readers seamlessly see, focus, and remember what they read. It reduces word- and line-skipping and pattern glare.

See: See-N-Read® helps readers to concentrate on and track the text being read while smoothly transitioning between the words that come before or after, thus helping readers to increase their fluency (the capacity to read text accurately and quickly) and comprehension.

Focus: See-N-Read’s clear reading window is surrounded by a non-glare tinted transparent finish that helps readers to focus on manageable “chunks” of information in each line of text.

Remember: See-N-Read® provides readers with a clear reference point that helps control smooth eye movements across the text on a page. Smooth eye movement from left to right and smooth transitions from line to line ("sweeping") enhance retention of information.

My Thoughts:
The See-N-Read and eSee-N-Read are really neat reading tools.  One of my daughters and I both have a difficulty with our speed of reading, focus, and comprehension.  Now, while my daughter feels she doesn’t need the See-N-Read and thinks it is bothersome to use, I really like it and find it to be very beneficial.  For years I’ve had a hard time with how I see the words on the page, the page looks as though I’ve stared into a bright light prior to reading.  And for as long as I can remember, when I read I have to read and register each and every word on the page, otherwise I’m unable to retain the information.  So, with both of these aspects against me my ability read quickly, focus, and comprehend what I’ve read, is greatly compromised.  Thankfully, the See-N-Read is really helping me in these areas.  I will continue to use the See-N-Read and hopefully I can convince my daughter to use it as well.

If you would like more information and learn about the incredible amount of research that has gone into creating the See-N-Read, click HERE.

Make your purchases HERE. 

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Disclaimer: I’m an independent contractor for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Crew. I received See-N-Read from CadenaSmith Enterprises in exchange for my honest review.


  1. We loved this as well. Our kids have put them in their Bibles. Great review.

  2. They are neat little tools, aren't they? My son is a little resistant to using it, too, but I can see how it helps him when he does.


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