Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

Fun Halloween comment

I enjoy Halloween for a number of reasons.
I love the cooler weather.
I love the excitement my children have in when deciding what to dress up as, and of course the actual dressing up.
I love to see all the creative costumes.  
I love to see all the houses decorated in a fun, spooky manner.
I love seeing so many families out together having a good time.
I love my children's enthusiasm over carving the pumpkins.
I love to cook and eat the pumpkins seed. YUM!
I love the sheer enjoyment of being a kid again.

Now, my children haven't done the traditional "trick or treating" in a couple of years. Our church puts on a Fall Festival every year that is open to the community and the kids have an absolute blast! There’s costume contest, bounce houses, foods, candy, trunk or treat, carnival games, and more. My oldest and the rest of the youth group work the festival, which they really enjoy. Then, towards the end of the night when things slow down some, they get to go out and 'play' till closing time.   

This year my oldest is dressing up as a black widow, which we've had to alter a bit to make the costume appreciate for a young girl. And my youngest is dressing up as Cheshire, the cat from Alice in Wonderland.

 I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!

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