Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday - Week 1 Update

I should have posted this update yesterday, but I haven't had time until now.  (I actually should be working on review I have due next week.)
I didn’t reach all my goals as I had hoped, but I feel over all I did a pretty good job this week.

: I met my goal of 70 oz most days. However, drinking so much water makes me feel incredibly full all day, which leaves very little room for food. Not sure if that’s good or bad, haha :-)

Nightly vitamins: I remembered to take them every night, but one.

Not eating late at night: I did ok with this most of the week. When I did eat later at night, I was sure to eat only fruits :- )

Exercise: I failed at sticking to a 4 day, 30 minute minimum, most days. But, I feel I definitely made up for it yesterday and today. Yesterday (Friday) I worked out for 30 minutes with the Biggest Loser – Cardio Blast DVD, and then went for a 3 mile run. Today my oldest daughter and I ran our very 1st 5k! During this new adventure today, I learned two things - 1) there’s definitely a very good reason why they call it Hillsborough. My Oh My, there were an incase amount of large hills! and 2) I was told that the road track we ran today is the LARGEST track in North Carolina!  I felt defeated that I couldn’t run the 5k (3.106 miles) in the same amount of time as I ran 3 miles yesterday, but the 5k road track had a LOT more hills to contour than where I normally walk. Yesterday’s run was completed in 22 minutes, but today’s 5k was completed in 45 minutes, which I was told was pretty amazing for my 1st 5K, expecially on the track we ran. (Plus, it was 40 degrees outside, very windy, and a little rainy.) All in all, I really enjoyed the run and will definitely do it again!! 

Weightloss: I'm not sure if I've lost any weight, as I don't own a scale.  My hubby won't let me own one, because I'm addicted to what it says.  However, whenever I go to my parents, I make a beeline to their scale :-)  I doubt it's has actually moved any, since I'm having a hard time staying away from cheese and margarita pizza. YUM!!     

I'm hoping I can do much better this next week!  Good luck to all the other wonderful ladies who are also involved in the FMF :-)

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