Thursday, November 4, 2010

FREE online freezer cooking classes

For a very long time I’ve wished I could master the ability of what is called Freezer Cooking. The premise is to cook meals in advance and freeze them for later, quick access. However, for one reason or another, I’m perpetually messing something up, because they NEVER turn out right once removed from the freezer and then cooked. Well, Malia Russell over at Homemaking 911 has shared with her readers about her friend Shelley, who is offering FREE online video lessons all about freezer cooking. Each video is broken down into step-by-step lessons to show us how to successfully use our freezer to help us make meal preparation easy.

I signed up earlier in the week, but I've only had time to view a couple of Shelley’s videos.  I’ve enjoyed what I’ve learned thus far. There are a handfull of videos available so far. If you’re interested, go check her out at One Roast Vegetable.  The more people that sign up to watch her videos, the more videos she'll make :-)

I receive Malia’s newsletters and have enjoyed watching and learning from Shelley’s videos. So, I wanted to share with ya’ll. Enjoy!!

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