Thursday, November 3, 2011

2011 Gratitude Challenge ~ Day 3

God has ABSOLUTELY blessed my socks off!!! 
I’m incredibly thankful that God has called me to volunteer with the My Life Matters Club!
I’m thankful to Sarah for helping me today as I ventured on my first day of teaching my own group of girls!
And, for the wonderful opportunity to chat with a complete stranger for almost an hour at Wal-Mart! Her name was Ms. “Mama” Newman. It was awesome to hear all about how God has worked in her life and those around her.  Mama Newman has an INCREDIBLE love for our creator and she eagerly shares His word with anyone and everyone she can. I look forward to seeing Mama Newman again!


  1. I love the expression: God has blessed my socks off!

    That is awesome that you were blessed with someone's testimony today--I love that kind of thing!

    Thanks for linking up to Three Thinking Mothers!

  2. Great expression :-D
    He HAS blessed us all like that!


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