Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Read Live ~ Review


The creators of Read Naturally have created a new web based assessment and intervention reading program called Read Live.  Read Live was created to help struggling readers strengthen their vocabulary, comprehension, phonics, and fluency skills.  Read Live was designed for all reading levels from Grade 1 through Adults.
My 11 year old has always struggled with her reading abilities.  She not only struggles with fluency, but also with comprehension, vocabulary, and phonics.  Reading for her, up until about 4 months ago, has been a much despised chore for her.  Thankfully she has found a book series that she enjoys, so reading isn’t as torturous as it used to be, at least on most days. So needless to say, I was pretty thrilled when I was chosen to review Read Live!

During the set up processes I personally had a hard time understanding all the steps to take and what to do, but after watching the How-To Videos that are available on the Read Naturally site, I eventually figured it out.

Once the set up process was complete, my daughter took a placement test, also called place, via the Benchmark Assessor Live to see what grade level she would begin working at.  
When that was finished I had the option of either choosing my own goals for her or going with the programs recommendations.  I chose their recommendations. 

A few of the requirements for my daughter are:
~ Completing the Read Along 3 times
~ Read at least 115 words in 1 minute to pass the practice and the Hot Timing
~ Scoring a minimum of 3 on the Expression Scale
By logging into my parent account I can tweak these requirements as I wish.

Here are some screen shots to show you what the program looks like as we work through a story.

Parent/Teacher Main Page

Student Login Page 

 Click 1 of the 24 stories to begin

Vocabulary Words (Key Words)

Click on each vocabulary word to hear and read its definition and use in a sentence.

Looking at the picture and the vocabulary words, write your prediction of the story

Parent/Teacher signs in for student to Conduct Cold Time
Cold Time view

My daughter’s Cold Timing results

Read along

She must complete the practice until she reaches her goal of 115 words in 1 minute

Quiz ~ 5 questions

Retell the story in your own words

Parent/Teacher signs in to complete Hot Pass Timing

Scoring Hot Pass Timing

Hot Timing graph

Completion Awards

So far I think Read Live is a great program. In the past few weeks I have seen some improvement in my daughter’s reading abilities.  However, we haven’t been doing the program long enough for me to truly know how much it has helped her.  Since we were blessed with a subscription to Read Live until the end of December, if at that time I feel my daughter has shown ample improvement in her reading abilities, I hope to continue our subscription.

I know my daughter loved Read Live and here is what she had to say.  “I think Read Live is pretty cool and I think it can definitely help kids read better.  I believe it has definitely helped me improve my reading skills. I give it 2 thumbs up!”

 Read Live is available for public, private, and homeschoolers. You simply purchase the number of seats needed.

12-Month Subscription Pricing

1 seat - $149.00
6 seats - $299.00 ($49.83/seat)
30 seats -
$599.00 ($19.97/seat)
130 seats - $1999.00 ($15.38/seat)

If you would like to check out Read Live for your students, be sure to register for a 60-Day FREE trial!!!
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Here are some helpful links ~
Quick Start Guide
How-To Videos
System Requirements

Be sure to stop by the TOS hub and see what other TOS crew members had to say about Read Live and Minute Reader; another product available from Read Naturally.

I'm a crew member with The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew and I received a free subscription to Read Live from Read Naturally free of cost in exchange for my honest review.

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