Sunday, February 26, 2012

Reading Eggs ~ TOS Review

Reading Eggs is a web-based reading program focused on teaching and improving reading skills for children ages 3-14. There are two parts to the program; Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress.  Reading Eggs is geared toward children ages 3-7, while Reading Eggpress is for the more advanced readers, ages 7-13.  Since my youngest daughter is at the end of the Reading Eggpress age range, I chose to place her directly into Reading Eggspress.

Reading Eggspress is jam packed with multiple online reading games, 200 comprehensive lessons, 600 e-books, and many more fun activities. To reward their progress golden eggs are rewarded which can be redeemed for different games, animals, and more.

Through individual one-on-one lessons the child progresses at their own rate.

Via the Floating Island your child can visit the Comprehensive Gym, Apartment and Mall, Library, and Stadium.

In the Comprehension Gym the child can play the daily game and complete the placement test. The placement test is one of the first things the child will do. The placement test will determine what reading level the child should choose the books from.

The Apartment is where they create and design their avatar and the different rooms in their home; bedroom, living room, etc.

The Mall is where they can purchase clothing, pets, games, and items for their apartment.

In the Stadium the can play games either against the computer or other people. 

 Lastly, in the Library they can choose and read from an array of different books.  The books are divided categories, book of the day, science, space, plants, animals, earth science, art, sci-fi, myths, ocean, adventure, comedy, and fantasy. Once the child chooses a genre they can narrow their search down to author, fiction, non-fiction or series.    

When I first looked over Reading Eggs I thought my daughter would think the site was too babyish, but over all she enjoyed it.  Most of all, she enjoyed having so many books to choose from and earning golden eggs to spend in the mall.

There are a few different subscription options available ~

Monthly: $9.95 – Allows you the flexibility of cancelling your subscription at any time. “Please Note: Refunds are not available for recurring monthly subscriptions. If you choose to cancel, you must do so 7 days prior to your renewal date to avoid additional costs.”

6 Months: $49.95 – A special family discount - add a second or third child at the same time and receive 50% off their subscription price.

12 Months: $75.00 – This option gives your child access to all parts of the growing Reading Eggs website for 1 year.

Try Reading Eggs Free for 2 weeks!

Be sure to stop by the TOS hub and read what my fellow crewmates had to say about Reading Eggs.

I received the a trail subscription to Reading Eggs free of cost in exchange for my honest review.

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