Monday, February 6, 2012

See-N-Spell ~ TOS Review

What is See-N-Spell?

 See-n-Spell is a 40-page quick reference guide for struggling writers; recommended for Grade 4 through Adult.  Its purpose is to help writers improve spelling and build vocabulary. There are over 300 commonly used English words organized by the first letter in the word.  We commonly hear, and may even be guilty of telling our own children, “look it up in the dictionary” when they ask how to spell a word.  When a student struggles with spelling, a dictionary can be very intimidating. See-N-Spell was designed to make it easier and less stressful to find the correct spelling of certain words.

The reference guide is divided into three alphabetized sections.
  • Most Commonly Used Vocabulary Words 
  • Most Commonly Misspelled Words
  • My Special Interest Words

To find the spelling of a word the user simply turns to the page showing the first letter of the word, finds the word in the list and copies the correct spelling. The words on each page are separated by correct usage; noun, verb, pronoun, verb, irregular verb, adjective, adverb, conjunction, preposition, and homophone.

Most Commonly Used Vocabulary Words

Most Commonly Misspelled Words

According to the website, “Writers typically possess a larger everyday spoken (social) language vocabulary than written academic language vocabulary. They might know the sound of the first letter, the first few letters in a word and/or can recognize the word in print but still not be confident about how to spell the word correctly. These writers often misspell or, to avoid misspelling, choose simpler words that do not clearly express their thoughts or develop their language skills (e.g., choosing the word "hard" rather than "difficult").”
I think this reference guide is a valuable resource.  My struggling speller definitely found it to be helpful.

Back in January 2011 I reviewed the See-N-Read by CadenaSmith Enterprises.  You can read it here.

The See-N-Spell is available for $9.99. When you purchase the See-N-Spell Reference Guide you will receive a See-N-Read reading tool free of charge.

 Be sure to stop by the TOS hub and read what my fellow crewmates had to say about See-N-Spell.

I received the See-N-Spell Reference Guide with the See-N-Read reading tool from CadenaSmith Enterprises free of cost in exchange for my honest review.

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