Monday, June 21, 2010

Blog Walk Week 1

Since there are so many crew members aboard The Old Schoolhouse Cruise this year (250, if I remember correctly), something called a Blog Walk has been created for us. The purpose of the Blog Walk is to allow all the TOS Crew Members to get to know one another more through our blogs, as well as to spread the word about our blogs and our reviews. So not to overwhelm us, each week 10 blogs are listed for us to visit, comment on, and follow.

Here are the first 10.

1. Alane Abbett's Reaping a Harvest

2. Alexis Green's Pink & Orange Coffee

3. Alina Neuberger's Live, Laugh, Learn!

4. Amanda Bowen's Mrs. Mandy's Musings

5. Amber Hockman's The Fantastic Five

6. Amber Schoessow's Refined Metals Academy

8. Angela Greenwell's Providence Farm

9. Angela Richter's My Journey

10. Angie Wright's Petra School

Go check them out and follow along...I did  

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the shout out I like your blog. I have the same player and songs but never thought about putting it on my blog. I will now though! Love it!


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