Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gaming Systems

Gaming systems... you name it, there out there and year after year companies continually come out with what they deem to be the “New and Improved” or “The Next Best Thing.” There’s the Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS-Lite, Game Boy, Game Boy Advanced, Play Station (PS), Play Station 2 (PS2), Play Station 3 (PS3), Game Cube, X-Box, X-Box 360, Wii, and so many others I’m sure I’ve missed.

You can go almost anywhere and you’re certain to see a child with a gaming device in their hands. My girls were no different. There was a point in time that whenever they had the chance you where sure to see them with their games in hand, whether it was a hand held game system or one connects to the television. One of the games they play often is called, Mario Cart. They are continually linking up with one another or anyone else around that also has a DS-Lite. My husband and I have had to put limitations on how often they use them and recently implemented the rule that no games are aloud in the stores. If we’re walking through a store and they’re playing their games then they aren’t listening to my voice, nor are they watching where they are going. They have on occasion bumped in carts, the end shelving units, clothing racks, and even a person a time or two.

I can remember when my husband and I first discussed the option of buying a game system; at that time it was the X-Box, I had very mixed feelings about whether I wanted my girls to have one or not. However, I very quickly saw the positive aspect of having them. In our family these gaming system have increased our family time, improved team work, increased the importance of sharing, and are even from time to time in our classroom. Yes, the classroom! They can be very beneficial in the learning new things, as well as, sharpening skills they already have. There are an abundance of different games for all gaming systems that promote learning, such as cooking, caring for pets, learning new sports, music, math, science, history, english, writing, drawing, and so much more.

So although my girls drive me nuts sometimes with their fascination with their DS-lites or ask repeatedly to play one of the other games systems, I’m thankful we have them available to us and in our home. And like anything else in life – all things in moderation.


  1. My daughter just got a DS for her birthday, and now she and her little brother text each other- in the same house. :)


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