Sunday, June 6, 2010

Saying good bye :-(

This past Friday, Kayla and I attended the bridging ceremony for our Homeschool Girl Scout troop. It was great to share in fellowship and fun, while honoring all the girls who worked so hard this past year to earn so many badges.

Generally a bridging ceremony is to bridge the girls who have completed one stage of Girl Scouts to the next; Daises to Brownies, Brownies to Juniors, Juniors to Caddett, etc… This bridging ceremony was extra special, as our troop was ending many years together as a Girl Scout troop and beginning many years together as an American Heritage Girls troop. This ceremony was bitter sweet for Kayla and me, because we won’t be returning in the fall to be part of “new” troop. When we lived in the city it was very easy to be part of everything that went on in our troop. However, 1 ½ years ago we moved 1 ½ hours away from where our troop meets. We have continued to make the very long commute, but we have decided it is time to stay close to home and enjoy what is available to us here. We are blessed with an amazing homeschool support group right here in our town; well the next town over, but a lot closer than the city is.

Our troop is a very large troop broke up into levels. Dasies/Brownies meet together in one room, Juniors meet together in another room, and Cadettes/Seniors meet together. Each level has its own leaders, co-leaders, and mom helpers and we all follow the curriculum for our individual level. We all come together before our meetings for the flag ceremony and prayer, and attend many troop wide events together. So, as you can see we have a very large family whom we will miss very much.
Thankfully Kayla and I will get to see the rest of the Juniors one more time as a group in July. The girls are in the process of earning their Bronze Award and we have one more trip to the Ronald McDonald House to conclude their requirements and official earn their awards.

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  1. How sad...

    But I understand the decision process. We live about an hour from our Boy Scout Troop/Cub Scout Pack. With us being so rural, we will end up missing when we are snowed in but the weather is fine there... that and all the driving gets old.

    There are definitely moments where I seriously consider our continued involvement.


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