Sunday, June 27, 2010


Focus Nanette, FOCUS! I’m currently working on my review of the Travel the World E-Book by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and I’m having a very difficult time focusing. Why you ask? Well, I generally have a hard time staying on task in my normal everyday activities. My mind runs none stops and hops around like a bunny on a trail. But, tonight is a bit more challenging than normal, as my hubby and youngest daughter are watching Transformers. This movie is one of my absolute favorites, so I can’t seem to zone the sounds out of my mind. Within the next few minutes I just may give up for a few hours and go watch the movie with them :- ) I know I really shouldn’t seeing as I’ve been so busy this past week and wasn’t home much over the weekend, therefore I have gotten nothing completed (by the way, all the busyness last week and over the weekend was spent with my family). So anyway… Wish me luck!

LOL, see bunny trails… rather than trying harder to focus on my review or giving in and watching the movie, I’m blogging about my inability to focus! Anyone know a good shrink?! Hahaha!


  1. HA! I like that movie too...I tried writing s bit, read a bit, and now I am watching Leverage...which is a great robin-hood type show about "good" thieves who break into evil corporations and...

  2. We're watching Leverage too :-) It's a really good show. We watch it often.


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